Who made Kim Chaewon become like this?

I’m confused

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1. [+637, -23] But she always looks like this…

2. [+423, -21] Her face is cute so she looks pretty in the selfies, but because her nose is low and her lips are slightly protruding, her pictorials aren’t pretty

3. [+393, -13] She’s not good at taking pictorials….

4. [+353, -13] She always looks like this, who do you blame?

5. [+333, -29] Seeing this makes me not want to buy anymore. It’s like ‘Make Up For Ever’ is promoting herㅋㅋ It doesn’t look like a cosmetic ad at all…

6. [+89, -0] It’s not that I don’t like Kim Chaewon, but objectively, she’s not suitable for cosmetic ads

7. [+38, -4] On the contrary, the cosmetic brand side has to ask the question ‘Who made our brand image become like this?’

8. [+26, -1] Huh Yunjin and Kazuha are there, but why did they choose her?

9. [+21, -0] I feel the same way after seeing the pictorial.. Chaewon only seems to be the prettiest on stage

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she’s pretty, but she has the exact same expression in each of the photos…. 0 attractiveness in ads


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Chaewon is super cute but she matches more bright concept and deserves better

Whoever stylist needs to be fired because the hair is not it


the brand did her dirty…


Whoever styled her should literally quit their job, my god.




She matches sports brand or something. Cosmetic brands are definitely not working on her favour in here.
I mean the pictorials do seem…weird…
Not all idols are made for all brands…i mean it’s just logical.

seungri is free

she looks like a monkey lol. This ape face 🙉🙉🙉


you should get help, seriously ik you’re only acting this way because something is wrong in your life

spicy spice

the problem is she can’t use her face infront of cameras, plus her face not that photogenic.


I think it would be better if she did an ad for a clothing brand or something like that


bc chaewon’s a mid. The rest is hype. Not that it seems to be bad for chaewon, cause apparently cw has the most fanboys bc cw’s ‘ugly’ so boys think they have a chance… wth. But supposedly, the delusion is the greatest w cw.

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You would think she would do a better expression since she’s known to be good at that, these fell flat


no shade but what are they talking about? she’s never been a visual member..

Shu Yan

The pics with bangs are okay but other pics are meh


So ugly, flat face


She is so beautiful, but I think the photoshoot is kinda awkward… The overall colour being greyish is not the most flattering for skin, it makes her look a bit washed out. The portraits are also just a repetition of that slightly opened mouth pose which is a bit of a cliché and makes her look haggard.

Yor not mi

It’s like she’s trying, you can see it in her eyes, but her face is not letting her.

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