Who’s the top 1-5 in terms of ticketing power in Korea among singers?

I’m curious

1. Psy, BTS, IU, Lim Young Woong

2. IU, BTS, Lim Young Woong

3. If talking about singers filling Jamsil stadium seats.. BTS and IU are the strongest..

4. BTS, IU, Lim Young Woong, Psy, Cho Yong Pil

5. I think last time I saw BTS ranked 1-2 in the world, Psy, IU, Lim Young Woong, Na Hoon A, you guys are amazing…

6. BTS, IU, Lim Young Woong, Na Hoon A, Psy. I think there will be more singers, but I can’t think of them right now

7. Everyone thinks the same

8. IU, Lim Young Woong, Cho Yong Pil?

9. BTS, IU, Lim Young Woong?

10. I wanted to go to IU’s concert but I couldn’t go because I couldn’t get tickets

11. BTS’ ticketing power is the #1 in the world

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honestly i feel like BTS amongst barely a handful of other artists could sell out stadiums anywhere around the world, like they can perform in the middle of the north pole and it would be sold out in minutes.

WhatsThe Point

Selling out stadiums is really not an easy job and artists who go on stadium tours are a handful, BTS one among them.

yes hi

fr, if bts tours in 2026 it would be a long tour like they were expecting for mots7


Oh man, I certainly would love if they would do a similarly planned stadium tour on their return.

The stuff they had set out for the VENUE would’ve been enough to go see even if you couldn’t get the tickets for the actual concert.


I lost a chance to attend BTS concerts in their 1st chapter.. But on the bright sight, I can saving up money for the concert (🤞) after their enlistment.

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