Why are female idols more loved by the public than male idols?

1. Women care about female idols, but men don’t care about male idols

2. But isn’t it because female idols’ songs are so good? I’m not sure, but I think most male idols just focus on performance these days

3. Men don’t listen to male idols’ songs, women listen to female idols’ songs, and they only listen to their favorite male idols’ songs

4. Men hate male idols. Seems like women don’t like male idols that much

5. Men don’t listen to male idol music, but women listen to female idol music

6. I think I saw somewhere that female voices are easier to hear than male voices

7. Men don’t listen to men’s songs. Women also like women’s songs more than men’s songs

8. Male idols’ songs are boring

9. It’s because male idols’ songs aren’t good

10. Boy groups only focus on fandom these days, they don’t care about the public

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