Why are YG artists so shameless?

Recently, a member of a group called ‘IKON’ which was under YG entertainment was asked about how he felt dissing BTS unprompted, back when they weren’t as known as they are now. This was his reaction.

Honestly, he pissed me off. This just shows how the big 3 companies back then encouraged bullying culture – targeting groups from small companies. 

This isn’t the first time any YG artist has shown a self entitled attitude. 

It’s funny to see how today, IKON are struggling and BTS are the ones flourishing, despite serving for their country. 

BTS really changed the whole dynamics of power play in the kpop industry right now. They are the ultimate underdogs. I hope if today, a well known group tried to shade a small group, I genuinely hope the kpop fans won’t stay quiet. I hope what happened to BTS back then won’t happen to any of the groups trying to make their name right now.