“Why can’t I recognize Joy?” K-netizens react to Red Velvet ‘Cosmic’ – Midnight sun

Red Velvet ‘Cosmic’ – Midnight sun

1. No, Irene is seriously pretty

2. This time I didn’t recognize Joy anymore… That’s not the face I know…

3. Irene is crazy

4. Seulgi looks like a god

5. They look like goddesses….

6. Joy is so pretty;;

7. Wendy has short hair, she is so pretty

8. Irene and Yeri are so pretty, Seulgi, Joy and Wendy are also so pretty

9. Joy’s image has changed

10. Yeri’s hair color is so perfect

11. Irene’s face looks crazy

12. Why can’t I recognize Joy? I thought it was because of editing, but it looks like she completely changed her makeup method. I need to watch the video

13. I’m excited to see what the music video will be like

14. As expected, Seulgi is the best..

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