Why couldn’t Aespa Ningning depart for France?

Why couldn’t Aespa Ningning depart for France?

SM said, “Today, Aespa set off to attend the GIVENCHY fashion show in Paris, France. But NingNing could not depart with the members because of some visa approval issues”

1. I wish France would not allow Chinese people to enter

2. Isn’t it because she’s Chinese?

3. Korea’s passport power is so strong

4. It’s because she’s a Chinese member, you can understand if you look at what China is doing right now

5. I’m glad I’m Korean. I love my parents!

6. If you are Chinese, you will understand

7. She seems so proud that she’s Chinese, but she must be feeling bad now

8. Korean passport is amazing

9. Please don’t debut Chinese members in K-pop groups

10. By now, I understand that Korean passport is so precious

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