Why did SM even make the ae-Karina?

Today ae-Karina became jobless

Her pictures at the Japanese showcase today…

Just why did they even make the ae-Karina…???

1. Seriously, why did they do this…?

2. She looks like Wendy in those pictures

3. She looks like a game character.. She’s not human

4. Her bangs in the first picture really suit her, she’s so pretty

5. She looks like a cartoon character, she’s so pretty

6. No, how can she be this pretty? Is she human??

7. I can see Irene’s face from her

8. There are many Japanese fans saying that Karina is a CGㅋㅋㅋ

9. No, seriously, she really does look like a game character, her ears are even more CG-like

10. No, is she human?

11. She looks like a pretty elf

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