“Why did the position of Jisoo and Jennie change in the second half of their career?” Have you seen Jisoo receiving gifts from the brands she’s ambassadors for?

Have you seen Jisoo receiving gifts from the brands she’s ambassadors for?

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s birthday is on January 3

The brands that Jisoo is ambassadors for all send birthday gifts to Jisoo

Cake from Cartier
(They sent flowers too)

Cake from Dior Beauty

Cake from OLENS

Cake from Dior

The gifts….

[+126, -14]

1. [+40, -12] She’s a legend, this is my first time seeing a female idol being treated like that by luxury brands..

2. [+38, -3] On the official Dior Beauty account, they also posted a happy birthday post to Jisooㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously legendary

3. [+31, -3] Wow, look at Dior’s cakeㄷㄷ

4. [+24, -4] Princess Dior

5. [+9, -3] But what does it feel like to live like that?

6. [+8, -3] Princess Dior ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+6, -2] Dior Lip Glow is inspired by Jisoo and launched to celebrate Jisoo’s birthday

8. [+4, -2] Why did the position of Jisoo and Jennie change in the second half of their career? Jisoo seems to be treated better now

9. [+2, -1] How many gifts did she receive in 1 year?

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No talent. But see how the brands treating her. That’s why 4th gen idols are now just being dozens and being popular for beauty rather than talent. That’s why They’re sitting and lipsyncing and being no.1 idol smh


That’s the company’s decision. I doubt they looked specifically at Ji Soo and said “It’s because of Ji Soo that we decided Won Young and Lee Seo would cover IU’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ in a lipsynched manner.”

Like at least be rational with your hatred and stop hiding behind the Guest name because you’re scared to be found out even further.

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Don’t talk about Gen 4 lipsyncer here


Jisoo must lick the doctor leg who did her. Wow


Let’s see your middle school and high school photos.


I dont get why ppl post this predebut pic to bashing her when she still looks pretty tho?! lol is just an ugly haircut but her face is the same just younger

Ew yoo

Dior is known to be super generous to all their ambassadors and partners. So many influencers and celebrities get gifts and trips from them.

Makes you wonder how cheap is Diors cost to make the item vs their list price

Lazy Banana

I genuinely don’t understand how it’s related to Jennie?


Whats this got to do with Jennie? Was Jennie supposed to recieve presents for Jisoo’s birthday too? Dior is known to be generous with all their ambassadors


What’s the point of showing off these gifts….


Most of girls do that


Chanel seem have alot more famous celebrities compared to dior. So, jisoo happened to be probably most popular dior ambassador thus why she get treated the best by the brand unlike other members. Wont be surprise next year met gala may invite jisoo for dior while other members dont. Celine seem not popular enough to be on met gala despite lisa may most famous celine ambasaador.


Dior is already famous and will be without jisoo. But lisa case is different. She is definition of celine. Hedi slimane personal perfume collection took her as muse explains about her a lot.. Lisa always said she likes celine because of hedi. She will follow him. Dior is jz using fans hype as business but celine don’t use cheap tricks. Celine treat lisa same and her bulgari treats her same. She lives in luxury hotel which is richest in world with free cost.. Jisoo never received such things and her fans r overhyped.


well if someone is increasing my brand sales by 200% (I dont remember exact no) then I am also going to treat them like luxury


Jisoo is legendary, compared to that Seoul cycle scandal queen

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