Why didn’t ARMYS boycott Golden?

My main question to the so called pro-Palestinian armys is – Why were they streaming and buying Jungkook’s album when he was the only member who willingly worked with 4 zionists – Usher, Justin Timberlake, Jack Harlow & The kid Laroi. He also worked with Scooter Braun who provided jungkook with all producers and playlisting.

While simultaneously ARMYS are now harassing and boycotting V, Jhope and Suga’s works – which were planned before 2022.

ARMYS also ignored a collaboration between Taehyung and Umi , a singer who vocally supports palestine.

Funny enough, the boycott has only been applied to the rest of the bts members – except for jungkook whose songs are still gaining streams while the others are losing streams.

How is this fair? How can you truly boycott BTS members in order to remove scooter braun when he is earning money with the help of other groups under hybe.

BTS are the only ones being harmed by this boycott – Scooter will not lose money until and unless kpop fans don’t boycott other groups in hybe – which is not the case here considering le sserafim just debuted under hot 100 today.

ARMYS are just a bunch of performative activists.