Why do 4th generation boy groups have such low popularity?

4th generation boy groups, concern about popularity

Why do 4th generation boy groups have such low popularity?

Boy groups mainly target the fandom rather than the public

Boy groups focus only on worldviews and concepts. However, for the public who don’t understand the worldview and concept, it has become quite a big obstacle for the public

1. I watched a music show a while ago and I seriously thought that all male idol songs are the same

2. They make more money thanks to the big fandom. Popularity is good, but is it necessary?

3. Looks like they only focus on overseas markets because they make more money there

4. There are many groups that sell over 1 million copies but I don’t know any of their songs..

5. They make a lot of money and the fandom is getting bigger, so do they need popularity? Times change, so why can’t you accept it?

6. It’s because they make good money without being famous

7. Even if they sell 1 million or 2 million copies, the public doesn’t know who they are…

8. The public doesn’t care about male idols, and male idol agencies have lost interest in muggles

9. No matter how well you do abroad, if you are not recognized in Korea, you will not be recognized

10. I like TXT’s songs, but I wonder why they don’t do well on the charts. I don’t really listen to male idol songs

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