Why does Jinni always make a significant appearance every time NMIXX makes a comeback?

What’s wrong with former NMIXX member Jinni..?

Last time, she opened her Instagram account when NMIXX came back and this time, she created her official Twitter account + did her first Instagram live when NMIXX came back… Isn’t it way too intentional??

[+366, -87]

1. [+213, -32] Anyone can tell that it was intentional

2. [+119, -77] Does it not matter though? Now that she has left the group? Why are you putting them together and giving it meaning?

3. [+98, -98] Please leave the member who left the group aloneㅋㅋ It’s crazy that you guys keep hating on her no matter what just because she’s pretty

4. [+93, -16] In short, she didn’t want to leave but leftㅋㅋㅋㅋ Then why did she leave the group?

5. [+88, -0] Once is a coincidence, but the second time, NMIXX is the target

6. [+65, -35] I think she left for unreasonable reasons, and that is why she appears so confident and perhaps trying to make a point

7. [+58, -0] If it happens twice, it’s not a coincidence

8. [+10, -0] So why did she leave the group?

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Truth hurts

She made insta live right at 6PM when NMIXX was releasing a song. People blame the company but she’s just clearly a shady attention whore. People who say she didn’t know or don’t care are naive and shouldn’t be on the internet.

Milla Newson



She got kicked out of the group cause she was always fighting with the members and was caught sleeping with a nugu boy group member multiple times at a motel
Younite steve


actually? How come I never i heard of this😭She is only 19 what? Which boy group was she sleeping wth tho?


You can read about it on pann and theqoo
All the knetz know about it but international fans cover it up because was a minor

Support trans Lisa

She was easily the best member. The group is trash without her. JYP is so stupid.


not really her annoying voice at o.o is so disturbing that im glad she leave, other member are the way more better than her whook whoog

spicy spice

nah. she’s the weakest vocalist among nmixx members. nmixx got proper songs and got their 1st win right after her departure from group was a sign that nmixx still okay and better without her.


she is so confident blaberring this and that at the exact similar time to nmixx comeback, she must lost her common sense or she is just plainly shameless. she looks like attention seeker now


if she got kicked out then she’s the problem. why act so petty as if she got kicked out unfairly?

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