Why idols should treat their fans well according to BTS Suga

Loving someone unconditionally is one of the hardest things to do

So for the people who love us, we have to do really well. And we need to come back as an entire team as soon as we can

In order to you know, stan someone, it has to be fun. We have a responsibility to make sure to make sure they have lots of fun and enjoy. Whether on stage, off stage, in any form…

I think that’s our mission now

It’s not about becoming more successful or about better results. Now, the fans try to make that happen. We should feel grateful for that and make lots of memories with them

1. He’s the one top idol because he has this kind of mindset

2. Thanks for understanding us so well

3. With this mindset, he became the top singer in the world

4. So I’m so proud to be his fan

5. I think he’s seriously amazing, if I achieved that much, I would’ve stopped being an idol and now I’m free to do whatever I want

6. I watched Suga’s video and his mind is really cool. I’m a fan of another idol but I’m also touched… I’d be grateful if the singer had that thought

7. I think it’s great that he didn’t lose his original intention even after reaching that level

8. He is a professional idol and knows his fans so well

9. I can see the thoughts of a successful person

10. That’s why BTS is so successful… In fact, this is an attitude that even office workers should learn from

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Last comment..office workers is not comparable like at ALL


Right 😭 BTS have fans who love them unconditionally office workers have businesses who would throw them under the bus for a slight increase in profits

meow meow

right like they need to leave those ppl alone 😭


Love u, Yoongi

WhatsThe Point

Remember when joon was asked what makes BTS different from other groups and his answer was “attitude”..

Also their insistence on calling themselves a team rather than a group is so important

Last edited 1 month ago by WhatsThe Point

Mind to tell what’s the difference between group and team?


In a team the first and strongest objective is to do what’s best as a unit, for the unit. In a group, it’s just a bunch of individuals doing their thing and they happen to be together.


Now you know what makes Bangtan different from the others, right?


Not really…


That’s fine, a lot of ppl including your favs don’t too and that’s why they just can’t be as successful as bts 💕


And that’s why Army is so lucky, when fans defend arrogant attitudes, poor or lazy stage performance or mediocre music, I always think how lucky I am to follow BTS, they never take anything for granted, they always strive to do their best and truly love and respect their fandom, that’s why I will always be an Army. 


BTS as a group always make me feel grateful n proud for who they are whether they on stage, off stage, personal life, etc. Like they are genuinely kind, hardworking, etc human. I agree that why i cant comprehend fans that keep on defending their faves that always being inconsistent, lazy on stage. Its just show their faves really dont care about their fans n not passionate to be singer/performer. Some singers can not care about fans but atleast alot of them try to be professional n do the best on stage.


I really felt that at YTC in cinema


because of fear


You’re talking about your favs?

Lazy Banana

Of course they have fear… Fear of disappointing fans, that’s why they work hard. Your favs should be like them, maybe they’ll have a teeny tiny bit of BTS’ success.

Fuck Army

BTS The group who’s afraid to call out their fanbase in the fucked up bulling bullshit.


That username omg, you’re obsessed with us. 💜




Yoongi the bestest man available


bts are the n1 group yet they are so humble 😍 but other groups are nugus and cocky which is funny. 😂


Humble 😂 Go read what they wrote in song, flex everywhere. Saying this shit when u got cocky v

It is what it is

I mean, comparing with other groups i can see the difference in that aspect. And not only how grateful they are to the fans but also they are very mindful how everything they do impacts them



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