Why is Jisoo so praised by Film Directors?

With only one lead role and 3 cameos, Kim Jisoo managed to be recognized by various directors. But why is that actually the case?

The singer, actress, songwriter and model has only gotten 4 roles in her 7 year career so what made her so highly praised by directors?.

When did she start being recognized like that?

Before her debut in the girl group BLACKPINK in 2016 she already got 2 cameos one of them was in the well-known Kdrama “The Producers”(2015) but it didn’t even start there. It was in 2022 when she debuted with her first lead role that helped her to be recognized by film directors.

Korean directors love the actors and see her as an actress who will become much greater. Including Oscar winner Bong Joon-Ho.

He asked why he wasn’t invited when Jisoo’s cameo in “Dr Cheon And The Lost Talisman” was filmed. It’s fascinating that an Oscar winner would talk like that about an actress with only 4 roles.

Snowdrop’s film director Jo Hyun-tak even said that he didn’t think to cast a rookie actress for the female lead role because he didn’t think that a rookie actress could play the role of Youngro (female lead in Snowdrop) but when he saw Jisoo’s audition he said he to her “You have to do this no matter what, immediately!” And told her that she should definitely tell her company at the time that she really wanted the role.

She is also supported at concerts by film directors and actors.

Now she is supposed to star in “Influenza” and “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint” where she is the lead role in Influenza and one of the lead roles in ORV. We are excited to see whether Jisoo will achieve much more as an actor and wish her the best of luck!

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