Why Jennie’s fans can’t help but feel annoyed

Only Jennie wears pretty clothes and Lisa wears ugly clothes

There are 13 million views of the video bashing Jennie…

Because of this, Jennie has been seen as YG’s princess for many years

She was attacked by malicious comments from Southeast Asian fans

In fact, the main rapper didn’t get the rap part

[+464, -70]

1. [+144, -43] Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans always say that Lisa is the prettiest among the BLACKPINK members every day. They say that the other members are only pretty in Korea, but Lisa’s beauty is on an international level that goes beyond Korea. This is ridiculousㅋㅋ

2. [+139, -11] Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans sometimes edit and spread videos that say other BLACKPINK members bully Lisa

3. [+85, -5] Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans terrorize Rosé for posting a late birthday message to Lisa

4. [+39, -28] Is Jennie YG’s princess? Looks like it’s Lisaㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+38, -5] BLACKPINK is too good as a 4-member group, but Lisa’s fans, especially Southeast Asian fans, cross the line once or twice a day, which is no surprise

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