Will Blinks stop stanning BLACKPINK soon?

As we all know, Blackpink has renewed their contract and will remain a band for more years, but can their fans still remain fans with so little content?

Recently a big Blackpink channel decided to become a solo fan of Jennie. There have always been rumors that Blinks are all just fans of Jennie and this behavior confirms everything.

The page claims that Blackpink has no content and she is switching to jennie which just shows how they have always been Ot1. Saying “Blackpink forever” and not being able to post all 4?.

When Blackpink debuted, many 2ne1 fans also became Blinks and I’m afraid the same will be with Blinks.

Babymonster has just debuted and many blinks are already switching to Babymonster fans.

You can’t blame them at all, they just have to get along with solo activities for another few years without a combeback. It’s clear that the employees do a lot of solo activities especially Jisoo with 2 lead roles but their main job is still Blackpink so they should give their fans content as a group.

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