Will Jisoo have her First Fancon soon?

Fans of Jisoo are recently talking about the rumour that Jisoo will have a fancon in Asia.

Many think that after Jisoo finishes playing her 2 roles, which will probably be in the 2nd half of the year, Jisoo will then go to Fancon to promote her series and movie.

Since Jisoo has also been on bubble, she has been writing about how much she would like to meet her fans and not just once.

A trustworthy page on Twitter started the whole topic They have already leaked many fancons, new albums and more from idols and has always been right until now.

@Jakartakonser Posted about jisoo’s fancon even though blinks said it would be a BLACKPINK fancon. But then it was denied because nothing led to Blackpink, only Jisoo was posted.

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