Will the HYBE boycott really help palestine?

Recently, the main fandom of hybe (ARMYS) have been protesting against Scooter Braun, who is the CEO of hybe america and also an A&R. People have signed petitions for his resignation. Some Armys have been screaming about totally boycotting marches and albums of all the hybe groups, but all I am seeing is that only armys are not streaming bts. Rest of the groups in hybe are getting good stream and sales with the help of their fans. Isn’t this a bit hypocritical? What do you think? 

Also? I just got to know that JYP, SM, YG and Kakao entertainment fund to ISRAEL. Should the fans of these groups also boycott them? I fail to understand how this is working? Why only BTS? Why not other groups?

Also, why aren’t korean fans doing something about this?