WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon was caught dating on the street

Kang Seungyoon’s dating rumors are spreading on SNS

One netizen claimed that Kang Seungyoon was walking with a woman on the street

1. Seungyoon-ah, I always support your love

2. I’m a fan but I’m not sad, if it’s true then it’s something to celebrate

3. Aren’t they filming the show??? She doesn’t look like a commoner

4. I think fans will feel uncomfortable seeing it, but in the eyes of muggles, they are cute…

5. He can date anyone, why are you guys angry?? How many years has it been since he debuted?

6. She’s pretty even though I can’t see her well

7. If they dress like that, people will look at them

8. I’m a fan, but I don’t mind. That’s because WINNER always treats the fans well… I’m just happy

9. Isn’t Kang Seungyoon already 30 years old..? Leave him alone

10. I know how serious Kang Seungyoon is with his work, so I just want to support him

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