Winter mentioned NewJeans ‘Hype boy’ and netizens said that Seulgi was too careful

Winter mentions NewJeans ‘Hype boy’

Q: Besides Aespa’s songs, which song do you listen to the most these days?
Winter: NewJeans ‘Hype boy’ㅋㅋ

Before that, Seulgi politely refused to dance to ‘Hype boy’ due to company circumstances

Winter didn’t know that~

[+65, -29]

1. [+64, -72] Honestly, Seulgi was too careful, ‘Hype boy’ is so popular these days, so no one will criticize her even if she dances ‘Hype boy’

2. [+45, -6] ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t intend to use that picture as a meme, but it’s cute, Winter

3. [+38, -6] Winter didn’t dance to ‘Hype boy’, she said she listened to it… It’s not that Seulgi didn’t mention ‘Hype boy’, why are you guys comparing?… Seulgi has always said that she likes NewJeans songs and has danced in front of her fans many times. She just said she can’t do it right now. It seems like two giant companies are fighting each other to eat SM, and even within SM, it’s hard to cover HYBE’s song

4. [+31, -10] Seriously, the more I look at Winter, she has a great personalityㅋㅋ

5. [+15, -4] Winter looks so pretty with long hair

6. [+6, -8] Isn’t Aespa under HYBE now?

7. [+5, -5] But what does the company’s situation have to do with asking singers to dance?

8. [+5, -2] Well, Winter likes ‘Hype boy’ too

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Seulgi was stupid enough to comment abt it


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I don’t think Seulgi is too careful. She just shows her love for SM in a polite way. But for Winter, i dont stan them so I don’t know very well apart from their songs.


Seulgo was weird af to respond like that lmao sm is really a cult bc youd never find any hybe artist with that kind of company pride


Seulgi is that 208 employees of pink blood herself.


Winter is an unbothered queen lmao as she should


Winter plastic horse face
Aespa flops


so funny winter rly said idgaf about intercompany politics. queen. meanwhile I’m shocked seulgi can speak around the huge sm boot she’s licking.


It is not new that sm artists act like Hybe artists (especially BTS) are Voldemorts. They are sooo scared to mention them and act like company puppets as if there is a rule in their company. Recently NCT mentioned BTS as a ‘that group’ in their lives. All of them are so pathetic bc of this tbh.

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The way Seulgi responded was making it too obvious. It’d have been better if she just act normally rather than pointing the issue out when pretty sure the fan who asked her to dance Hype Boy was just asking her because it’s so popular, not because they want to have anything to do with SM vs HYBE thing


Winter has good taste in music. But like everyone likes Hybe Boy so


It’s poetic justice, these sm stans that brought down tara are now a subsidiary/subordinate to another company. haha how the mighty has fallen

dot com bubble

Why is Seulgi licking SM’s boots? Desperate for a comeback much?


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Of cos winter gonna side with hybe. Aespa is lsm wont be benefit to the group if they against it..

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