Wow BLACKPINK Jennie is for real

Wow Jennie is for real

She’s like a kid, but she’s also like a woman, she has her own mysterious charm

[+127, -63]

1. [+89, -24] Every time I see Jennie’s commercial, I understand why she’s the top legend. Her aura is amazing, she looks classy but still cute. It’s like she was born with those things

2. [+87, -15] Jennie is seriously so pretty, her eyes are so charming

3. [+87, -30] Something like the personification of cuteness

4. [+75, -5] Jennie is so cute and pretty, only Pann girls are bashing her

5. [+62, -6] The lower part of her face looks like a baby’s but her eyes look like those of a cat

6. [+13, -11] For real, there’s a reason why she’s the top among all the female celebrities

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