Wow Kwon Eunbi’s body

Wow Kwon Eunbi’s body..

1. There are a lot of female idols who wear clothes like that, but she stands out because she has a nice body

2. I’m so jealous of her body

3. She wears the same clothes as other idols, but she’s the only one who gets criticized

4. Kwon Eunbi is a hot girl

5. She reminds me of Jun Hyoseong

6. I want to be born like that in my next life…

7. It’s a casual outfit but she looks sexy because she has a nice body

8. Wow her body is amazing, I’m so jealous of her

9. So pretty ㅠㅠ Eunbi always performs well on stage, she’s so confident and cool

10. She has a nice body and a pretty face, but most of all, she sings and dances well ㅠㅠ Kwon Eunbi is the best

11. Honestly, I’m really jealous of her

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