Wow… RIIZE is really too much…ㅠ (feat. NewJeans)

Wow… RIIZE is really too much…ㅠ (feat. NewJeans)

Is it reasonable to assume that this is a coincidence?

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1. [+110, -6] Objectively speaking, if you see this and still say that they didn’t copy NewJeans, then there’s something wrong with your brain. Elementary school students also know they copied NewJeans

2. [+84, -5] I’m a fan of another group but they look exactly the same.. Especially the concept photo and the homepage look similar to NewJeans, I can’t tell the difference

3. [+80, -5] Looking at it like this, they really copied NewJeans… there’s nothing more to say;

4. [+41, -2] The members of NewJeans look innocent but RIIZE has lost their innocent, pure image due to many controversies so there seems to be a big difference in their image

5. [+41, -4] In fact, this is just a fake group

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