Wow Rosé is seriously so skinny

I was surprised when I saw the picture; She’s so skinny and tall

1. She totally looks like a Barbie doll

2. She’s getting skinnier…

3. Isn’t she too skinny…?

4. I was also shocked when I saw this

5. Wow, she’s just a Barbie doll

6. Wow, it’s surprising that she’s so skinny but on stage she seems stronger than anyone

7. I watched Rosé’s video that day and I thought she looked so skinny

8. It’s not like she’s on a diet, and I think kids like Rosé and Sunmi are naturally skinny, I don’t think you need to worry about them

9. Rosé’s entire body is muscle

10. If you look at pictures of Rosé when she was in elementary school, you’ll see that she was born like that

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