“Wow the third picture really shocked me” Kwon Eunbi’s Waterbomb preview

Kwon Eunbi’s Waterbomb preview

1. How many times has she performed at Waterbomb? I’ve seen her before and I think this is the third time

2. Wow, the third picture really shocked me

3. Eunbi is so pretty ㅠㅠ

4. Out of all the outfits at Waterbomb, this is the best one

5. Hmmm.. I’m jealous of her body

6. She’s so pretty like a princess

7. Her outfit today is the best

8. Now when I think of Waterbomb, I think of Kwon Eunbi

9. Her voice is so good, she looks like a princess

10. Her body is so hot

11. Wow, she really looks like a mermaid

12. She’s a princess, she’s so pretty

13. Goddess of Waterbomb = Kwon Eunbi

14. She seems to be the sexiest among female idols

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