Wow these are idols born in 1994 who will turn 30 next year

It’s so weird, there are idols that I don’t even know they were born in 1994

1. Ha Sung Woon is 30 years old……. I can’t believe this

2. Hyojung and Seolah are already 30 years old??

3. I can’t believe it

4. Well, I wonder what happened in 1994…?

5. But the fact that Seulgi turns 30 next year is shocking, I’m not even a fan. It’s just that I’ve been following her since her debut.. I still can’t believe it

6. What..? Seulgi is already 30 years old????

7. 30 years old already??? Taeil, that picture is so pretty

8. Well, Taeil, Sehun, and Kai will be 30 next year…

9. Well, time goes so fast

10. But they are still so young in my memory

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