Write down your favorite member in each group of HYBE








1. BTS: Jungkook, TXT: Yeonjun, NewJeans: Hanni, LE SSERAFIM: Sakura, ENHYPEN: X, Seventeen: Seungkwan, fromis_9: X

2. BTS: Suga, NewJeans: Haerin, LE SSERAFIM: Kazuha

3. BTS: Jimin, TXT: X, NewJeans: Danielle / Haerin, LE SSERAFIM: Chaewon / Eunchae, ENHYPEN: X, Seventeen: X, fromis_9: X

4. Jin, Soobin, Haerin, Kazuha, Heeseung, Seungkwan, X

5. BTS: Seokjin, TXT: Soobin, NewJeans: Hyein, LE SSERAFIM: Yunjin, ENHYPEN: X, Seventeen: Seungkwan, fromis_9: X

6. Jungkook, Soobin, Minji, Kazuha, X, Wonwoo, X

7. BTS: Jungkook, TXT: Huening Kai, NewJeans: Hyein, LE SSERAFIM: Huh Yunjin, ENHYPEN: X, Seventeen: X, fromis_9: Park Jiwon

8. BTS: Jungkook, TXT: Beomgyu, NewJeans: Minji, LE SSERAFIM: X, ENHYPEN: Heeseung, Seventeen: Mingyu, fromis_9: X

9. BTS: Jimin, TXT: Yeonjun, NewJeans: Danielle, LE SSERAFIM: Eunchae, ENHYPEN: X, Seventeen: Jeonghan, fromis_9: X

10. BTS: Jungkook, TXT: Huening Kai, NewJeans: Minji / Hanni, LE SSERAFIM: I can’t choose because I like all 5 members, ENHYPEN: X, Seventeen: X, fromis_9: Nakyung

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just gonna pick who I like and it doesn’t mean I stan them

bts : jin , jungkook
txt : soobin
svt : dk
fromis9 : jiheon
lesserafim : kazuha
newjeans : danielle


wait I totally forgot about enhypen 😧

not familiar with them tbh but I would pick Jungwon I guess


your mom


your dad


SVT: Wonwoo Jeonghan Vernon
TXT: Soobin Yeonjun
LSFM: Eunchae Yunjin
NWJS: Minji Haerin Danielle
ENHA: Jay Heeseung


bts : suga
txt : soobin
svt : seungkwan
fromis9 : –
lesserafim : yunjin
newjeans : minji

Hi, I'm Guest

BTS: Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook.


TXT : Taehyun
Lesserafim: It’s always change but now yunjin ig
New jeans : Hanni
Fromis 9 : Nagyung
Seventeen : Joshua
Enhypen : Jungwon

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bts: suga
svt: minghao
txt: taehyun
enha: –
fromis9: jiheon
lsrf: eunchae
nj: –


TXT: Beomgyu
Newjeans: Haerin
LSF: Kazuha


BTS: Jhope, Jungkook, Jin
TXT: Soobin, Taehyun, Yeonjun
NWJS: Hanni, Danielle
LSFM: Yunjin, Sakura
FR9: X


BTS: Taehyung/Hobi
TxT: Beomgyu
NJ: Danielle
Lesserafim: Yunjin


pannkpop admin: i love them all 😋💕


BTS: Tae… Jimin/Yoongi but I 💜 them all tbh


I only stan BTS but I found those members kinda nice…
BTS : Rm
LSF : Eunchae
NJ : Danielle
17 : josh and jeonghan
F9: X
TXT : Beomgyu, Soobin

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RM only…I am only bearing with this hybe for this man only and maybe even for Jungkook and Jin. Cause if not for them I would have not even tried to know about that company…
Tbh I don’t even like hybe atp. I kind of respected bighit as a company of how they managed BTS but now no nah…hybe nowhere near bighit. I want that old bighit back where only BTS and their own family like txt existed but now it’s just look like a big corporation like other company who are only thriving on the thunder of BTS cause it’s not a secret that they really are milking a lot of BTS fame and are always trying to link their new groups with them at some thing or another. Atleast they can give them solo ambassadorship like they are freely giving to their new additions but it seems like they are just using them…


How are TxT, LSF, & NJs being linked to BTS? They’re all doing well because of the success of their music. The Tannies aren’t out here promoting anything.

We have barely any interaction other than the Run BTS Tiktok challenge and Namjoon then boosting their music on his IG (and that’s not interaction, that’s just them doing the dance and him linking songs) and RM/Jhope shouting them out/giving advice to leaders etc.

HYBE is less and less dependent on BTS only every year. What are you even talking about?


And that’s what hybe was planned to do since the beginning you said it yourself “to become less dependent on BTS and eventually give them dust in the end”. If you are an army it’s a warning sign already from it. Cause why BTS members have still not been selected as individual face of any brand but only as a group but their new groups who are less relevant than them are getting solo ga just within months of them debuting. Hybe has money to give for their ambassadorship but doesn’t have a penny for tannies? At the end I know none of these hybe stans will respect BTS once hybe will succeed on sidecasting them. You can downvote me now but thats the eventual truth that’s going to happen. And you will see it…


Why didn’t Tae got selected as Celine ga but bogum did when both of them attended that event why is that? Hybe has money to make their new girls global ambassadors but can’t give the boys same treatment. The boys who made them what they are right now… Apart from hobi none of them even wear or post about lv that frequently so what’s stopping hybe to make BTS solo ambassadors as well. They are in a period where they need to be promoted individually but seems like hybe is only interested to make their new girls to be promoted individually but not their major money makers…


It’s simply because Taehyung didnt want to become celine’s ambassador. Celine gave V, VIP treatment and have wanted him for years. He was even given the most luxurious hotel to stay in by Celine staff while Lisa and bogum stayed in a lesser hotel than his and he was treated like a royalty. Taehyung has offers lined up and it has been stated by journalists multiple times but it is purely on him whether he wants to accept or not.

Celine is an okay brand, not even in top 10 and taehyung doesn’t want to be tied to any brand for now. The decision is in his hands entirely and what he wants.


Hybe is not responsible for this actually. They gave funding and connections to every labels and it’s up to each labels on how they’re using the benefits they got for their groups. Plus Min Heejin, Newjeans’ CEO already got wider connections even before she entered Hybe like she was one of the core people in SM . She even appeared on public and tv shows , even other CEOs of other Hybe labels are not showing themselves a lot to public like her .

It’s Bighit that you guys need to voice out your displeasure but then it’s very tricky to say stuffs about BTS cause they’ve been very or try so much to be honest with fans how much they’re involved in picking what type of stuffs that they want to do now especially for their solo stuffs . Out of every members , Taehyung the one who is trying everything rn like he tried going to fashion show, he did radio , he did variety show because he wanted it. So I’m guessing Taehyung himself don’t really want to focus on becoming a brand ambassador for now .


Then excuse us with this hybe family shit. Cause bighit ain’t the one who is face in this it’s hybe so obviously we are gonna put out our frustration on that damned company. I don’t care about other hybe artists apart from bts. And I am seeing the way BTS is being treated by them and I am not liking it. So I am just putting out my frustration of it over here. I mean tae can not choose to be a ga for a certain brand or products but what about others… There is not only luxury clothes around here. There are so many brands and I have yet to see solo members of BTS atleast be a face of any brand. They all can’t just not accept anything…..Or are hybe just making boys say this to calm us down just like how they did with that military thing. I have still not forget how boys were put on frontlines of all hate comments for that when the deal was majorly going on with freaking hybe and Korean govt.


Acting like the whole hybe universe of groups concept is not interlinking itself with hyyh which was for BTS is not including their all groups in it. Like we are not blind we are seeing what hybe is doing with all that concept…
And I never said that txt should not get support from bts. They both are real label mates so them with each other is good. But the other groups milking the same with them what about that. Armys were themselves saying that bighit is different from hybe and all groups within different company has only one corporation which is hybe so why suddenly I am seeing so many armys saying they are family now? Can we just accept the fact that rn BTS literally is getting the bare minimum of what other hybe groups are getting. Yes they can’t cb rn as group but why aren’t their solos is promoted in the best way possible?


BTS is still a large part of HYBE, the company would have never been this successful if BTS didn’t save their ass. And these so called HYBE new groups wouldn’t have made it without BTS laying out a path for them. They paved the way, and these new groups are benefitting from it. BTS paying the electricity bills rn


That’s exactly what I am trying to say but seems like “hybe family” are getting butthurt over this fact. The main people are fully responsible of the creation of hybe is literally getting like literal crumbs nowadays. Whereas their other groups are getting deals after deals. Magazine shots almost all months. Are attending and becoming ga for luxury brands all thanks to BTS. It’s not that hard to see that hybe still is relevant cause of BTS and the ppl who replied to me previously before you just said the thing I wanted these hybe stans to say in first place which is

“HYBE is less and less dependent on BTS only every year.”

This exact statement. So I don’t care if I get heavily downvoted for this cause I know I am speaking truth and this will come out soon to everyone. So I just want Armys to open their eyes and leave this hybe family bullshit and only concentrate on BTS.


i wonder if you’re an army saying all that..like really!?!?
wth is success of their music a rookie gp is getting the playlisting BTS didn’t have for most of their tts.hybe is more independent of BTS with what?streams on melon!?digital stream bring no money like physical sells & concerts & guess who’s one of the best selling & touring artist in the whole world that is also under hybe.
proof aka the “flop” in the first week had the income of pyeongchang olympic.with 2ver & HIGH price.THAT is the money that keeps this empire alive.not trendy song.like you thought hype boy brought those kids luxury BAs?oh baby..
all the opportunities you think these groups get because of their “good music” is with BTS’s money & the connections BTS is making possible for them.non of them have “promo” but have some heaviest deals behind the camera,with BTS’s money again like armys were smarter what did that company did to yall?why are armys becoming hybe shooters more than BTS supporters?


Exactly like I was duvmfounded to find this much downvotes on my original comment where I am only staying the obvious discrimination BTS is facing from hybe from last year. And most Armys instead of reading what I am saying are probably gonna downvote me for hybe. Like it’s freaking low for me. When did Armys became company shooters when we decided we won’t become one in anyway. We weren’t even bighit shooter for fs and now Armys are freaking fighting hybe wars. That’s why hybe still is brave and milking money from Armys and giving the boys bare minimum of most stuffs. Cause the level the BTS possess and the promotion hybe is giving them are just polar opposites.

Sophie Kate

ENHYPEN are the ones taking BTS music from their vault and copying their concepts. The Enhypen members holding grapes with a colored background = BTS holding grapes with a colored background, Enhypen wearing the same outfits like during I NEED YOU/RUN running through the street, the enhypen members setting a cloaked black figure on fire after touching = Suga during the FIRE MV. There is so much more too.


bts: jungkook
fromis9: used to be gyuri
lesserafim: sakura
newjeans: danielle

I don’t listen to boygroups other than bts and the 2nd gen ones, so i don’t know much about the rest



bts : Tae
txt : Beomgyu
svt : don’t know anyone
fromis9 : don’t know anyone
lesserafim : Yujin
newjeans : danielle


Bts : V& Jk
Txt : yeonjun
Seventeen : Joshua
Enhypen : sunoo
Newjeans : hyein & Danielle
Le sserafim  kazuha

Lazy Banana

BTS: Taehyung/Jimin
Lesserafim: Eunchae/Yunjin
Newjeans: Hanni/Danielle


bts: maybe suga
txt: soobin
svt: wonwoo
enha: maybe sunoo
fromis_9: idk anyone
le sserafiim: kazuha
newjeans: hyein

Teenaged puppy

BTS: Jhope, Taehyung, Jiminie
Newjeans: Danielle


BTS : Jungkook, Suga
TXT : Yeonjun
Lesserafim: Chaewon
Newjeans : Haerin
Fromis 9 : –
Seventeen : –
Enhypen : –


Guys VIBE is coming out tomorrow 😉


Just BTS. Namjoon, Seokjin, Jungkook, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Yoongi 💜


bts: yoongi
txt: don’t stan but soobin
enhypen: X
svt: don’t stan but hoshi and DK
le sserafim: yunjin and eunchae
newjeans: hyein
fromis_9: seoyeon


Huening Kai, Yunjin, Hanni


bts: don’t stan but suga
txt: don’t stan but soobin
enhypen: don’t stan but sunoo
svt: Hoshi and Seungkwan
le sserafim: Yunjin
newjeans: don’t stan but Minji
fromis_9: used to be Gyuri

This really shows I’m not a company stan lmao


lesserafim: Yunjin
newjeans: Danielle


BTS: Jungkook
TXT: Yeonjun
NewJeans: Minji
LE SSERAFIM: Yunjin&Eunchae
Seventeen: Seungkwan
Fromis_9: X


bts:taehyung🥰 and yoongi 🥵
txt: soobin
lesserafim: yunjin
newjeans: danielle


BTS: Jungkook
TXT: –
NWJS: Danielle
LSFM: Kazuha
FR9: –


Bts maknae line
Txt teahyun , beomgyu
Lesserafim yunjin
New jeans hanni
Seventeen dk


For me is:
bts – Jungkook
Svt – mingyu, cheol
Txt – soobin
Enhupen – jungwon
Lsf – eunchae
NJ- Danielle ?

Idk any fromis9 girl 😭


fromis_9: jisun
le sserafim: chaewon
newjeans: danielle


bts : suga
txt : yeonjun
svt : hoshi
fromis9 : don’t really know them but I liked the girl who won thr snack truck
lesserafim : yunjin
Enhypen: sunoo or jungwon idk
newjeans : don’t know their names

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BTS: namjoon
TXT: soobin
NewJeans: haerin/hanni
LE SSERAFIM: yunjin/kazuha
Seventeen: seungkwan/joshua
Fromis_9: ?

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En- smells like wet dogs


bts : v/taehyung
txt : soobin
svt : –
fromis9 : –
lesserafim : kazuha
newjeans: danielle

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BTS: Taehyung, TXT: Soobin, NewJeans: Haerin, LE SSERAFIM: X, ENHYPEN: X, Seventeen: X, fromis_9: Nagyung

Sophie Kate

bts: hoseok
le sserafim: sakura yunjin
newjeans: minji
txt: taehyun
seventeen: seungkwan
fromis: saerom

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