“Yang Hyun Suk’s comeback show” BABYMONSTER’s final lineup from the survival show

They said that there will only be 5 members debuting and suddenly they took out a board from below and said it was 7 members;;

I’m so glad they all debuted…

1. He’s crazy and he’s mocking the publicㅋㅋㅋ Only fans of the drugstore will like it

2. I wasn’t surprised, I thought all 7 members would debut

3. Yang Hyun Suk will be like that so I don’t think much about it. I feel sorry for the kids

4. This is so funny, but I think everyone is happy that all 7 members debuted

5. YG can’t do without Yang Hyun Suk…

6. I’m surprised that Yang Hyun Suk appeared and promoted this group a lot;

7. I’m not surprised anymore

8. I think this group will do so well

9. I hate Yang Hyun Suk so much

10. When did Big Bang debut?;;; Is he doing what he did 20 years ago for the 4th time?;;;

11. Yang Hyun Suk’s comeback show

12. All 7 members were revealed and everything was fine, but suddenly they said there are only 5 members, so what the hell are they doing?

13. Honestly, it’s not funny at all and I hate Yang Hyun Suk acting like that

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