“Yang Hyun Suk’s comeback show” BABYMONSTER’s final lineup from the survival show

They said that there will only be 5 members debuting and suddenly they took out a board from below and said it was 7 members;;

I’m so glad they all debuted…

1. He’s crazy and he’s mocking the publicㅋㅋㅋ Only fans of the drugstore will like it

2. I wasn’t surprised, I thought all 7 members would debut

3. Yang Hyun Suk will be like that so I don’t think much about it. I feel sorry for the kids

4. This is so funny, but I think everyone is happy that all 7 members debuted

5. YG can’t do without Yang Hyun Suk…

6. I’m surprised that Yang Hyun Suk appeared and promoted this group a lot;

7. I’m not surprised anymore

8. I think this group will do so well

9. I hate Yang Hyun Suk so much

10. When did Big Bang debut?;;; Is he doing what he did 20 years ago for the 4th time?;;;

11. Yang Hyun Suk’s comeback show

12. All 7 members were revealed and everything was fine, but suddenly they said there are only 5 members, so what the hell are they doing?

13. Honestly, it’s not funny at all and I hate Yang Hyun Suk acting like that

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he’s so predictable, I know he’s going to debut all 7


Can someone just disminished this old stvpid criminal. I really want to slap his face so bad


Rooting for BAEMON, they are all talented🤩🤩


all this just for mediaplay. bet it’s been decided since the beginning that all 7 of them will be debuted


Exactly if they didn’t want to debut them , they wouldn’t show them to public in first place

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 leg spreaders

Make them better than blackpig who are only good at spreading their legs for men

Armpit and their hatred just like what their oppas told them to do. Not surprised 🤣

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