YG Baby Monster’s Ahyeon leaves due to personal reasons

[Exclusive] YG Baby Monster’s Ahyeon leaves due to personal reasons… 6 members debut

According to News 1 on the 15th, Ahyeon was recently removed from the list of Baby Monster’s debut members due to personal reasons

Maybe Ahyeon will join Baby Monster in the future but she won’t be able to debut together

1. Two Koreans are too few

2. So there are only two Korean members left??????

3. What? Isn’t she the center?

4. She sings well and seems to be the center, but what happened???

5. Wow… She’s the member that caught my attention the most with her skills…

6. Wow, I guess that’s why their debut was delayed.. Is she planning to debut as a solo artist?

7. The most popular member is leaving

8. There are so few Korean members that it doesn’t feel like a Korean group

9. Wow, isn’t she the most talked about member??

10. Wow, it’s a K-pop group consisting of 4 foreigners and 2 Koreans..?

11. What if there are 6 members but only 2 are Korean?

12. I don’t remember any other members except this one

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