YG Entertainment’s stock price plummeted in real time

YG Entertainment’s stock price plummeted in real time……

It’s because BLACKPINK is having problems renewing their contract

1. Didn’t the contract renewal go well?

2. Is there no article about contract renewal yet?

3. I thought they renewed their contract

4. I heard that the foreign press said that one member refused to renew the contract

5. If there is no news yet, we will only know after the tour ends

6. Looks like they won’t be renewing their contract with YG

7. Yesterday an article appeared abroad saying that Lisa refused to renew her contract, is that the reason?

8. For some reason, I don’t think they will renew the contract

9. I like BLACKPINK but don’t like YG so I wish they would leave

10. If BLACKPINK doesn’t renew their contract, who will make money now?

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