YG releases their statement regarding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal

YG side “We are in discussion about BLACKPINK’s contract renewal, can’t confirm”

YG told Newsen, “There is no confirmation regarding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal and they are in talks.”

1. Looks like things aren’t going well… I really want to continue seeing BLACKPINK as a group

2. I’ll wait for the official statement..ㅠ

3. I think YG wrote this while crying

4. Looks like the contract renewal is not going well

5. It’s been almost two months since the contract expired and if they were still discussing then I guess they wouldn’t have renewed the contract

6. They are just trying to protect the stock price

7. It seems that only Rosé renewed her contract with YG..

8. It’s a pity that a group like BLACKPINK is unlikely to make a comeback again

9. I thought Jisoo would renew her contract

10. What about Jennie?

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