YG responds to rumors of not renewing their contract with BLACKPINK Lisa

[Official] YG again denies rumors of not renewing their contract with Lisa… “Still in discussion”

On the 15th, YG Entertainment said, “The matter of Lisa’s contract renewals remains undecided. There has been no official confirmation regarding the recent rumors.”

1. Wasn’t Lisa scammed by the YG manager? If I were her, I wouldn’t renew my contract…

2. I wish BLACKPINK could go to another agency together..ㅠㅠ

3. When I think of YG, I wish they didn’t renew their contract but I also really want to see them as a group

4. I wouldn’t do that if I were Lisa

5. Honestly, BLACKPINK is Lisa

6. When will their rookie girl group debut?

7. If I were Lisa, I wouldn’t renew my contract

8. I just wish they could be together for a long time…

9. I like BLACKPINK but I don’t want to spend money on YG, I wish they would leave YG and go to another agency

10. I heard that they’re going to The Black Label

11. I should have gone to BLACKPINK’s concert ㅠ I didn’t buy a ticket because I thought I would do it again later

12. Have the remaining three members renewed their contracts yet?

13. Leave Lisa alone. She knows what she should do

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