YG said that they’re still continuing contract renewal negotiations with BLACKPINK

YG side “Contract renewal negotiations with BLACKPINK are underway, the final result will be announced later” [Official]

YG, “As of the disclosure date, negotiations for a new exclusive contract with the artists are in progress. The final results will be announced through subsequent disclosures of key management matters related to investment decisions.”

1. The contract has expired but they are still negotiating?

2. I feel like they keep pushing the announcement because they failed to renew

3. The contract expired in August and it is now November

4. Looks like BABY MONSTER needs to debut

5. I think there will be an article about contracts after the rookie girl group debuts

6. It’s been 2 months and they’re still negotiating… they’re incompetent

7. What contract extension negotiations have been going on for more than two months?

8. They did this because they were worried that the stock price would plummet before the rookie girl group debuted

9. YG has a weird way of working

10. Didn’t Lisa say she wasn’t going to renew?

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