YG’s media play runs crazy! Fans are mad

Recently buzzingpop posted that PVH Corp’s stock increased following the CK campaign of Jennie.

Which came out as a lie because PVH Crop’s stock was already increased following JungKook’s campaign and reached its peak. It was their highest stock price since 2018. And Jennie only increased by +0.9% . Meanwhile Jungkook campaign increased by +127.91.

it was also proven that, *Calvin Klein was once on the verge of bankruptcy” – BTS’ Jungkook’s campaign results in gross profit of $1.25 billion for brand, fans laud idol* *JUNGKOOK’S CALVIN KLEIN AD IS CK’S BIGGEST-EVER CAMPAIGN*

Now fans are wondering when will YG or Jennie will stop paying journalists to create “fake news”