YG’s new girl group ‘Baby Monster’ is not getting good reactions

New YG girl group teaser (Baby Monster)

1. Why did Yang Hyun Suk, who was caught up in all kinds of dirty rumors, introduce them;;;

2. But the name Baby Monster is so weird…. Treasure, iKON, Winner, BLACKPINK are not good group names but Baby Monster seems the weirdest…

3. Don’t consume YG

4. No, why was Yang Hyun Suk here? I hate him

5. YG is alive because BLACKPINK has a lot of foreign fans;;; When will YG go bankrupt?

6. No, what’s up the name…. really stupid….

7. I think it would be better if Yang Hyun Suk didn’t show his face

8. Yang Hyun Suk is shameless

9. The group name is Baby Monster…? ???? Why….?

10. It’s like 2010’s Superstar K trailer… Why is it so bad;;

11. I wish there were only Korean members.. But the only thing I remember is CEO Yang

12. But they’re BLACKPINK’s juniors so they’ll be 100% fine

13. I’m looking forward to them, but their name isn’t pretty

14. The only thing I can remember is Yang Hyun Suk

15. Isn’t Yang Hyun Suk a criminal?

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yg knows what they are doing, with him being on the video the people are talking about whether they are negative or positive & now that he’s involved with babymonster, people would want to know his ideas & stuff


Please don’t try so hard.

People were going to talk regardless because this is BlackPink’s new sister group. There was no reason YG needed to be there or show his face. The only thing his appearance has done is to divert attention away from the girls as well as build a negative reinforcement by attaching his face to the group.

I already was feeling iffy about stanning a YG group but at least without YG there I could at least pretend he has nothing to do with them. But now I’ve lost feelings thinking about YG’s face. 🤢


Wdym they’ve got 2 SEA members, that’s definite success 😭😭

time limit reached

Anything to give them hope to get them out of poverty.


A gg full of minors under a company with full of pedos


New jeans too….. 🤢


Lets not act like newjeans are not working with the biggest pedo in korea that have naked kid’s pictures in her wall

Karina rocket puncher

YG first saw his wife in middle school fell n love with her and made her a trainee and purposefully sabotaged her career and married her he is the biggest pedo


If u think of how MHJ have pedo allegations and NJ sang that cookie songs🤮🤢

jung jung

There was an interview with some man saying the new yggg has 10 jennies. If jennie is their standard in a pop star… yikes.

Jennie and Lisa being mentors when they can’t even do enough for their own group. Two year hiatus to train another group? what is that logic?

Announcing the departure of one group and heartlessly introducing this one. Karmas a bitch.. Hope 2023 is a sad one for YG.

(from a person who loves TREASURE and iKON)


They are trending in weibo.


They already have a big fandom in china


Everything trending on weibo..not a big deal though..

spicy spice

another SEA streaming farm is ready be use lol


I think they can pass the 4th gen girl groups evalutation test and will reach to the top. Because debuting at YG is very difficult as YG’s routine and there will be a reason to debut 7member group. They will be famous and will reach to the top.


They will be successful no matter what but to surpass ive and newjeans in korea they need good music. So everything is dependent on their concept and songs


To beat ive, newjeans, le sserafim for longterm, they need good, catchy music.


These days its so hard to beat newjeans and lesserafim. I doubt these girls can survive in two years


Tbh they will survive even if the song is bad because they’re a YG group and YG stans are crazy.


I can understand NJ but lsfm??? 😂


And also all groups that evaculated by YHS never failed. He may not be a good person but he has eyes to see the talent. So that group will be famous.


the only thing he’s capable of is doing mediaplay and payola

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

ikon failed. that’s his big bang replacement


IKON did not fail… the agency did not promote IKON well enough.. their vocals are aleady good and they have Bobby whom won SMTM as a trainee. Member Ju-ne, DK & Bobby can create their own music.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

YG used big bang standard to judge ikon and see BI as new version of G.Dragon and the public like winner more than Ikon.
So he deemed it as a failed attempt.
His ego is the one that make him keep trying to put ikon out and the public is not into them since the beginning.


The only thing yang hyun suk good at is being criminal and pedo


The kpop girlies eat up any group that steps a pinky toe into the kpop industry. This is a big 3 group. They will be more than fine no matter what they do. 🤷🏿‍♀️


Big 3 are not relevant anymore these days


To kpop stans and Korea they are. Globally they were never relevant


Yep, in Korea YG, SM and JYP groups are highly anticipated


The fact that not one single comment is actually talking about the actual issue which is the group’s average age in crazy to me. Like this kids debut in so normalised in this industry that ppl will look at everything but not in the main issue that why are they debuting kids in this cruel industry.
In age when they should learn about things around them and learn from their mistakes and where every word hurt them and make them what they become in adult. And in that age this industry are debuting minors. like sorry nj Ive lsfm nmixx and every other grp with minors in it should not have debuted minors in any way or form.


Maybe because its not confirmed yet? Cause I can’t believe there is really a 009 liners like no way it must be rumor


Well most of them are saying that it’s a confirmed fact. But let’s see…


Also their ages and nationality was posted by their based stan account. But well they can be kind of wrong.

Hi, I'm Guest

The two Thais got Lisa’s nose before plastic surgery. They will get the nose done later, looking forward to it ☺️


Please those two are minors and one is a literal kid of 13 years old. Please it’s a request not to make any mean comments about these kids. Cause YG group or not at the end they are just kids.
And YG is disgusting if he made these kids do surgery on their face.

Hi, Im Guest

Should I just capital that LATER in the 1st place??


Why would you still say that about kids?


poor SEA stans… they will need more streaming farms but they’re all already occupied by blinks ☹️


I wonder if blinks will stan this group or feel threatened by them and sabotage lol


Blink kinda support this ygngg just like stupid yg stan. They think it’s gonna be the best 4th generation gg rather than new jeans, lesserafim, i’ve and aespa


That one of jennie’s boyfriend aka yang hyun suk should be in jail rn


And you should be in mental hospital


Shame on you criminal supporter


Just curious jennie still sucking this pedo small penis right?




Also sucking V’s tiny cock


No wonder her lips been looking chapped and off colour lately. Gorl take a day off for some lip treatments.


Ofc what sluttnnie can do except sucking every penis in industries

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I hope they have good music cause their name sounds so cringe ngl. YG should’ve come up with a better name than Baby Monster seriously.


This site clearly has a vendetta, because while the NAME is jarring, that does not mean the girls of the group are not getting a good response. People ARE curious.


whoever let yg be in the video sure loves criminals and doesnt care. yikes

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