YG’s new girl group ‘Baby Monster’ is not getting good reactions

New YG girl group teaser (Baby Monster)

1. Why did Yang Hyun Suk, who was caught up in all kinds of dirty rumors, introduce them;;;

2. But the name Baby Monster is so weird…. Treasure, iKON, Winner, BLACKPINK are not good group names but Baby Monster seems the weirdest…

3. Don’t consume YG

4. No, why was Yang Hyun Suk here? I hate him

5. YG is alive because BLACKPINK has a lot of foreign fans;;; When will YG go bankrupt?

6. No, what’s up the name…. really stupid….

7. I think it would be better if Yang Hyun Suk didn’t show his face

8. Yang Hyun Suk is shameless

9. The group name is Baby Monster…? ???? Why….?

10. It’s like 2010’s Superstar K trailer… Why is it so bad;;

11. I wish there were only Korean members.. But the only thing I remember is CEO Yang

12. But they’re BLACKPINK’s juniors so they’ll be 100% fine

13. I’m looking forward to them, but their name isn’t pretty

14. The only thing I can remember is Yang Hyun Suk

15. Isn’t Yang Hyun Suk a criminal?

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