YouTube views of Korean artists in Korea, worldwide, and country with the most views in 2022

Korean artists’ YouTube view ranking in 2022

As expected, IU, Lim Young Woong and BTS are the top 3

What is more interesting is that Korea is the country with the most views for almost all of them

Artist: Korea – Worldwide – Country with the most views

1 IU: 449 million – 990 million – Korea
2 Lim Young Woong: 390 million – 419 million – Korea
3 BTS: 352 million – 7.97 billion – Japan
4 IVE: 344 million – 1.28 billion – Korea
5 BLACKPINK: 326 million – 7.2 billion – India

[+115, -9]

1. [+82, -10] BTS is always #1 in every index

2. [+66, -23] The one top female solo singer is IU, the one top male solo singer is Lim Young Woong, the one top girl group is IVE, the one top boy group is BTS

3. [+62, -5] That’s why Lim Young Woong, BTS and IVE received Daesang last year… I thought the three of them deserved it. IU hasn’t released any songs but she’s amazing

4. [+47, -6] Although IU didn’t have a comeback last year, it seems like she has a lot of fixed listeners

5. [+29, -3] I can feel that it’s the year of female idols

6. [+20, -2] In India too, BTS is #1 in terms of views. India is a country with really strong content, but BTS has dominated India. However, looking at the number of views in Japan and not India with its large population, the love for BTS in Japan is truly amazing

7. [+20, -3] IU is one of the best in Korea, but look at BTS in Japanㄷㄷ

8. [+19, -11] Lim Young Woong is amazing

9. [+14, -1] 300 million in Korea and 7.9 billion in the world, how many other countries watch BTS?..ㄷㄷ Daebak

10. [+14, -0] IU is really #1 no matter what she does

11. [+13, -0] Koreans love IU so much, she didn’t release any albums last year, but she got #1

12. [+13, -4] I thought IVE was only top in Korea, but they’re popular overseas as well

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Ive are doing great .


been waiting for ive’s cb tbh , I hope they’ll release at least a mini album that has 4 songs


Kakao shit


It’s crazy how the one group who has been ignorant and pretty racist to our culture is gaining the most views from our country.
India this is the reason why we are taken for granted by kpop. Why our country never recieves any apology from k-pop if they mock our dances or our culture. Because they know they will still milk out so many views from us…
It’s a shame really. Lisa literally berated our god, whom we worship and never apologized…but it is what it is i guess. I can see why India is still so far away from being a developed country. Because we as a people only don’t respect our own culture so why these k-pop idols will…


huh? i thought 인도 was short for indonesia, not india. it’s more plausible that bp got most of their views from indonesia.


It’s India…not Indonesia. Koreans says Indonesia as Indonesia. But India as indo. Btw I can see there is no respect of other people over here for my culture too. I said what i said. I never called bp any names just pointed out some facts.


What facts? Did Lisa personally put that statue on the floor? I remember Desi Armys just used it to fuel fanwars, they were literally making jokes, editing photos of Lisa and make her a desi girl, blame them for not being taken seriously.


It wasn’t Lisa who put your god statue on the floor.🤷🏻‍♀️ Also call out your people selling those on the street.


I don’t think you are Indian so better not make your racist comments about my culture


Racist? LMAO. We literally share the same race but okay. Just in case you forgot, Indians are Asians too.


Just cause you are asians doesn’t give you a free pass to be racist to other Asians. Racism inside communities also exists. And if I am putting forward some issue it’s not because I want to defame someone. It’s just I am trying to put some facts on front. And just because they are your faves, they are not above my religion or culture. So better stay out of it.


Soon did the statute god answer your prayers to deep throat the 7 twinks yet

Though i doubt they would let you do it for free cause even them are not attracted to dirty indians


Your culture is worshipping mice lol


That’s what you get for worshipping statutes cows shit and mice lol y’all are dumb, not to forget rape is y’all number one export, explains why y’all go to mental hospital because of the obsession y’all have with the little seven, male Indians are unhinged rapists and assid attackers

Bp has nothing to do with the fact that y’all are a bunch of lowlifes ever your govs treats y’all like rabid insects


Wow…. literally no words…I hope Indian blinks open their mfing eyes and look at the racist comments of the same people they support. I never cursed any of you. But i see. Atleast I have a class which you don’t certainly have.


Ja ke apna ga*nd mara bhos*dike


Floppink beaten by rookies again


BTShits about to be beaten by rookies Newjeans. Worry about that.

Rathinda Amor

they have a long way to go to beat BTS.
For a start, they need 10 years to sustain their career and do stadium tour all around the world FULL HOUSE to beat BTS. than you can talk


Rookies newjeans ended bts rookie record already


Lol What rookie record are you talking about?

Another Guest

Where’s NJ 71 daesangs? Can’t even win over IVE lmao


Nj get tons of ads and promos with company support. In addition, they do mediaplay using the name of bts.They don’t even have an organic record yet. Nj is just a waste of money 🤡


Twink dik does mess with your brain cells huh




Twinks with short diks

Another Guest

You’re a child who can’t even type dick. Go home.


J-Army are an example to follow for Army from other countries. 

Sophie Kate

Starship is so fraudulent lmao


Said hybe stan

Another Guest

I mean, based on Produce series, this actually rings true lmao


fake news

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