YouTuber with 5.15 million subscribers receives attention on whether she will join SM’s new girl group

Na Haeun
Born in 2009

Last year, she signed an exclusive contract with SM

1. I heard that she can’t sing…

2. Oh my god, is she Haeun? When did she grow up?

3. No, she grew up well, as long as she sings well, isn’t that a blessing in the K-pop world?

4. I wish she could make her solo debut like BoA

5. If she debuts, she will have a lot of foreign fans..

6. Wow, look at her facial expression… She’s already an idol

7. Was NewJeans Hyein born in 2008? She will probably debut next year

8. But isn’t she too young??

9. I hope that Haeun will do well

10. Haeun’s last post was from a year ago, isn’t she preparing for a girl group?!!!

11. Haeun is an SM trainee?? Daebak..

12. Please debut

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