Yuna is freaking pretty

1. As soon as I clicked on the post, I was shocked.. Wow..

2. Is she an angel?

3. I went to the fansign and saw Yuna in real life and was shocked because her eyes are so big and pretty

4. She really looks like a doll

5. Why do I think I can see TWICE’s Nayeon from her?

6. Wow, her eyes are so big

7. I saw her on the street, he has a small face but big eyes

8. Hul..? Is she human? What kind of doll is that?

9. Every time I see Yuna, Karina and Wonyoung, I’m surprised, they look like AI

10. She’s always been pretty since debut ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. I’m so jealous of the size of her eyes

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