ZEROBASEONE Zhang Hao’s reply to a fan who was in trouble is receiving criticism

ZEROBASEONE Zhang Hao advised a fan who was in trouble to try living the idol’s life

Fan: I have to study and I have to do my assignments.. Living as an university student is so hard ㅠㅠ

Zhang Hao: Try living the idol’s life

1. I wonder if someone plotted to turn him into an idol

2. Hmm… if you look at the comments that’s how they usually communicate with each other, so it’s surprising that up until now there haven’t been any controversies

3. It’s annoying, but if the fans agree with that then I have nothing more to say

4. I know idols work hard, are grateful to be idols, and love their fans very much, so I think this is just a joke

5. But he studies well so I don’t have much to say…

6. But why is everyone so sure it’s a joke? Did that fan think it was a joke?

7. If it were a female idol, she would be criticized a lot

8. Why did he say that?

9. I thought someone threatened him to become an idol

10. ????

11. I thought this was an April Fool’s joke but I was shocked

12. If you can’t say anything good, then don’t reply..

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