Zico and Jennie stun k-netizens with ‘SPOT!’ Official MV Teaser

ZICO ‘SPOT! (feat. BLACKPINK JENNIE)’ Official MV Teaser

1. Hul the song is already good

2. The combination is fresh and good

3. What, Jennie is also in the music video??? Damn, something really big is coming

4. I love it so much ㅠ Jennie is really talented

5. Zico is a genius ㅜㅜ I love his chemistry with Jennie

6. Jennie featured in Zico’s song. I thought Zico was producing Jennie’s solo song

7. No, Zico and Jennie have good chemistry………I really like the scene where Zico approaches when Jennie is sitting on the table holding the microphone

8. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll have to watch it as soon as the MV comes out

9. Zico really seems like a genius….. Crazy

10. It’s refreshing that Jennie sings a non-YG song

11. I’m so jealous of those who went to Zico’s The Seasons and listened to it..ㅜ

12. Talented people who work hard are truly the best

13. Just the names Zico and Jennie make me look forward to it

14. Wow, I’m curious about this combination

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