1.45 million copies, BTS Jimin is the solo artist who sold the most albums in the first week of all time

BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ sold 1.45 million copies in the first week

Jimin is the solo artist who sold the most albums in the first week of all time

He ranked 12th in first week album sales of all time

1. Congratulations to Jimin!! I think there will also be good news from Billboard, I hope he does better in the future

2. Jimin-ah, thanks to your album and activities, I really enjoy my life. Thanks for making me happy!!!

3. Jimin-ah, I’m sorry, I haven’t actually bought it yet..γ…  Congratulations!

4. Congratulations to Jimin!!! I really like this album

5. I really like the song, thank you Jimin-ah~~^^

6. Congratulations to Jimin!! I’m glad that the album he’s been preparing for a long time has come out with good results

7. Daebak, I’m looking forward to the next album

8. Congratulations!! The songs and performances are better than expected

9. I’m really looking forward to BTS in 2025

10. It would have sold more if it hadn’t been out of stock

11. Wow daebak, BTS is selling well even as a solo artist

12. 1.45 million copies, crazy

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congrats Jimin ! Billboard charts next 🀩


They said like crazy predicted at #4!!! I guess top10 debut is secured??!! 😭😭Higher than yet to come.


I saw this tweet today like crazy competing for first place. I hope these predictions come trueπŸ™πŸ™


Oh man but let’s not trust predictions for now


The songs are good. I’m stuck on set me free

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Taehyung love

Congratulations πŸ‘ Mr 🐑 jimin πŸ’œ you πŸ‘† are πŸ˜„ so πŸ‘Œ cool 😎


here before Larry the twinkle twinkle comes and crys 😒 like the pathetic little omega he is

Color color stan

That pathetic loser be copy and pasting his shit twink comments on all bts posts, very jobless lol


Larry stans gave me dislikes πŸ˜‚
But fr he probably has a big crush on jimin and doesn’t know how to deal with it, so he comes here and whines everytime like a lil b


Never doubt Park Jimin πŸ’―


Jimin is succeeding in a big way, that’s why the antis and haters make up nonsense to try to hide it, we know you are dying of envy.


he still embarrassed himself on national tv 🀭

Color color stan

Mcountdown has less than 1% viewership rating, trust me nothing but haters and pann girls are concerned with their gotcha moment πŸ˜‚ the real hard fact is he is the best-selling korean soloist and will debut in top 10 of the hot100, something nobody in kpop has ever done except bts so enjoy your fun πŸ˜‚


I watched it yesterday, and once again today cause y’all still obsess about it. And… honestly wasn’t as bad as y’all make it sound. Sure it was off pitch at times and he seemed kind of awkward, but like so what? If it’s true he got a black ocean from the encore audience it’s no wonder. He already sounded better today, and the actual live stages he prepared sounded straight up great


So happy for Jimin! πŸ₯°


Not even pre-orders, but pure sales. Congrats to Jimin!


He said the truth πŸ”₯

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