10 groups with the best album for this year’s Golden Disc Awards so far


1 BTS 3.37 million copies
2 SEVENTEEN 2.72 million copies
3 BLACKPINK 2.51 million copies
4 NCT Dream 2.1 million copies
5 NCT 127 1.83 million copies
6 Stray Kids 1.72 million copies
7 ENHYPEN 1.55 million copies
8 Lim Young Woong 1.13 million copies
9 TWICE 1.05 million copies
10 ITZY 1.01 million copies

6 boy groups
3 girl groups
1 solo singer

Aespa, TXT, and IVE sold over 1 million copies but didn’t meet the criteria because they didn’t have enough songs

1. BLACKPINK is amazing

2. What’s more surprising is that there are 5 girl groups with over 1 million copies

3. I’m not sure, but didn’t ATEEZ also sell over 1 million copies?

4. Wow, now you have to sell over 1 million copies to get the award

5. I feel sorry for Aespa, TXT, and IVE

6. Lim Young Woong is a solo singer, but he’s amazing

7. All girl groups are selling well.. BLACKPINK is amazing

8. Wow, just a few years ago, if you sold 200,000 copies, you got it

9. BTS is on another level

10. Can TXT make a comeback?

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prayer circle for IVE to release an album that has more than two songs , like AT LEAST FIVE SONGS


Why is Aespa not included in the list?


hybe screwing txt over …. they’re the only hybe bg not there and it’s bc they only release fives song this year

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