10 groups with the best album for this year’s Golden Disc Awards so far


1 BTS 3.37 million copies
2 SEVENTEEN 2.72 million copies
3 BLACKPINK 2.51 million copies
4 NCT Dream 2.1 million copies
5 NCT 127 1.83 million copies
6 Stray Kids 1.72 million copies
7 ENHYPEN 1.55 million copies
8 Lim Young Woong 1.13 million copies
9 TWICE 1.05 million copies
10 ITZY 1.01 million copies

6 boy groups
3 girl groups
1 solo singer

Aespa, TXT, and IVE sold over 1 million copies but didn’t meet the criteria because they didn’t have enough songs

1. BLACKPINK is amazing

2. What’s more surprising is that there are 5 girl groups with over 1 million copies

3. I’m not sure, but didn’t ATEEZ also sell over 1 million copies?

4. Wow, now you have to sell over 1 million copies to get the award

5. I feel sorry for Aespa, TXT, and IVE

6. Lim Young Woong is a solo singer, but he’s amazing

7. All girl groups are selling well.. BLACKPINK is amazing

8. Wow, just a few years ago, if you sold 200,000 copies, you got it

9. BTS is on another level

10. Can TXT make a comeback?

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