1st place on ‘M Countdown’ this week! BTS J-Hope’s solo single ‘on the street’

1. Congratulations to Hobi

2. This song is so good

3. Congratulations to Hobi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. All the scores except the album score are perfect

5. Congratulations, J-Hope’s song is so good

6. Congratulations to our Hobi

7. As expected, J-Hope is amazing

8. Wow Hobi!!!!! congratulations!

9. It’s great that Hobi got 1st place!!!

10. Congratulations J-Hope!!!!!!!!!!

11. The song is so good that I keep listening to it

12. Congratulations, I love the song so much

13. Our Hobi is amazing

14. Congratulations Hoseok-ah

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