1st place on Music Bank this week


1. I feel sorry for Nayeon…ㅠ

2. I feel sorry for Nayeon who looks so pretty with blonde hair, but congratulations to Kep1er

3. But considering Nayeon debuted on Friday, I think her agency worked hard

4. Congratulations to Kep1er!

5. I’m listening to Kep1er songs so well! Nayeon’s song is good too ㅠㅠ

6. It’s ridiculous that Nayeon only got 1 point from social mediaㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. These days I only listen to these two songs, they are perfect summer songs

8. It reminds me of Taeyeon

9. I don’t know Kep1er’s song, but I’ll have to listen to it

10. If Nayeon debuted on Monday or Tuesday, she would have been at #1, but what a pity

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Karina rocket puncher

Better than jenhoe


you lisa fans are insane.

Karina rocket puncher

I’m not lisa fans fgs. I only stan txt and bts


Nayeon totally deserved it it makes no sense even with less tracking she should’ve had more points than them


the SNS score of 1 to 31 is the most ridiculous….. like in every SNS metric Nayeon is about 3 times the views and engagement


Exactly! In Youtube for those 3 days Nayeon 1.5M views & Ke1per had had 50k in 1 week.

Let’s not even put in TikTok. Nayeon had 80k in 3 days & Ke1per had only 20 in that week.


I met 20k, lol


pop ! up !

Jon Xina

Even in a single day Nayeon had better sns, better views, better Melon, Flo, Genie, etc charting.

On song is current at 12 on Melon while the other is outside the top 350.

Kep1er only won due to bullshit points they were given for going on KBS shows. Like they wouldn’t have even been nominated based on their results if not for going on KBS shows.

It’s pathetic, this essentially allows KBS to bribe groups to come to their chappy variety shows and offer and arbitrary amount of points for it, aka, a free win.

Sorry Kep1er but when you are not even top 200 on most charts and not even top 50 on Bugs a chary with less than 1% market share, no one is listening to your songs and you don’t deserve to steal wins cos you went on a variety show.

Fake win, giv Nayeon her trophy.

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