2 fandoms with the most enemies among idol fandoms

2 fandoms with the most enemies among idol fandoms

Female Idol – ONCE

Male Idol – ARMY

Some comments on Pann:

“Isn’t ARMY the enemy of all idol fandoms?”

“It’s EXO-L and not ARMY, right? EXO-L is the worst fandom”

“ARMY not only for male idols, but also for female idols, so they have too many enemies”

“BLACKPINK’s fandom always makes posts against other fandoms like this”

“BLINK is the only fandom that hates both ONCE and ARMY”

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Its obvious that this post is made by blink. Get a life or something yall, isnt bp currently making a comeback or something? And you’re still thinking of Bangtwice? King and queen indeed

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Queen of flopping


Your life is flopping worry about that. You won the race against other sperms to do this on the internet. Disgraceful. I feel bad for those other sperms.


Is it that serious until you need to make this a post on this site like please do your own Twitter thread for stuffs like this instead .


lol blink dominating pann nate and manipulates everything, behave like all innocent while they actually act like fcker high and mighty. i hope they rot in the hell


Onces are truly the worst fandom


We were not the one jumping onto someone for skipping the ad.


This site is run by a blink and a Tae anti like I’m tired of your negativity, even netizenbuzz posts more friendly things than you. I’m done visiting here.

But I wasn’t done

Not blinks tryna make it seem like Once’s are more toxic. There is no fandom as trashy as blinks. Accept it.


Onces are worst than blinks, sending death threats and creating geoupchats slutshaming, onces are the worst. The Fandom that consist of 99% men who slur shame ggs


Playing victim again when even satan feels worthless compared to all you’ve done so far.


Please if i start making a thread about how blinks and other gg shame twice daily. The whole year would end but those posts won’t stop adding into that thread. Also it’s a fact apart from Armys every other fandom don’t want candybongs in their faves concert. They treat candybong like the once is bringing some kind of illegal weapon. Be serious.


Blinks always coming here to make weird fake pann post whenever those girls release anything. 2 years of waiting for new music and this is how u guys spend ur time on it’s 3rd day out


I mean… just look at their idol. After being on hiatus for years, they come out with a cringy diss track for haters while other idols would make a fan song or something if they’re in bp position. From their choice of title track, you can see the idols priorities and look it is reflected through their fans behaviors. While other idols are all about love and self-love without bothering others, their idols and fans are masking their insecurities through diss track by calling others wannabes when other idols in their cohort don’t even think much of them and never vote them in the annual survey of idols


I was actually thinking that. Like twice maybe not performing well on Korean charts but all their songs like feel special and new release talk that talk was about their fans. And also queen of hearts where they thanked all their fans of the world for wonderful memories and support. I would much prefer listening to a heartfelt song rather than a diss track. It’s like bp are only thinking about their haters and antis and not their own fans. Also i liked bp music till DUDUDUDU idk it’s like after that even tho their releases are doing well in charts it’s just i don’t really get the feel of it. I think the songs are hyped up only cause they comeback after a long hiatus everytime. And ofcourse hungry fans will lap up whatever is served to them. Bp still is not bad but good persons. But blinks are vilest fandom out there.


This is the top acc using the ‘create post’ function, you can find their posts when clicking on the ‘talk’ section. If only both the fan and group can stop mentioning BTS 😕



WhatsThe Point

Well after what kpop stans put BTS through, I would support armys in whatever they do. 🤷‍♀️
If an army makes a nasty tweet unprovoked, armys will be the first ones to call them out and kpop stans use that to drag us.

But kpop stans get away with making several nasty and downright vile tweets about BTS and nobody except armys call them out. IDC IDC y’all are hypocrites

Karina rocket puncher

Ugly jennie fandom


Hey blinks, remember when you did a dislike party on Twice’s TT, Knock Knock and Signal videos? That’s how pathetic and insecure you are.


remember when onces made fake mr removed videos and made fun of blackpink for a year and then twice’s talentless skills have shown up and of course they have flopped? i think you remember it’s current


It’s the way you can tell this post was made by a Blink…LMAO

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