2018 MAMA’s behind-the-scenes picture was first revealed today

GOT7, Seventeen, Wanna One, BTS, Roy Kim, Song Joong Ki, Lee Mi Kyung (CJ Vice President), Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae

1. Something strange

2. Is it Roy Kim next to Song Joong Ki?

3. Hul, Jimin’s smile is so pretty

4. Assistant Director Shin and Team Leader Yoon!!!!!!!!!! (Jinyoung and Song Joong Ki)

5. Everyone is pretty

6. I miss GOT7, look at them smiling so brightly ㅠㅠ

7. Wow.. Those were Wanna One’s days

8. Everyone’s smiles are so beautifulㅋㅋ Seeing them smile makes me feel good tooㅋㅋ

9. That was when K-pop male idols were at their peak, BTS GOT7 SEVENTEEN Wanna One!!

10. Wow daebak. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Wanna One ㅠㅠ

11. Wow this combination is crazy

12. Isn’t this the golden age of K-Pop?

13. Am I the only one who feels emotional?

14. They all look so happy

15. That was Wanna One’s past life.. I miss them so much~

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