‘2022 Genie Music Awards’ states fraudulent voting activity was suspected for BLACKPINK and Psy


2. I didn’t even know there was that vote ㅋㅋ Foreign fans did it?

3. Wow 1.6 million votes but they are fraudulent votes… Well, their fans have a lot of greed

4. Anyway, BLACKPINK’s achievements in Korea this year are being pushed back by IVE, (G)I-DLE, and NewJeans

5. I didn’t even know there was such a vote

6. BLACKPINK won’t be able to win the award this year even if they attend

7. If you look at the voting status of K-pop fans overseas, you will be confused

8. Am I the only one who isn’t surprised?

9. 1.6 million? Where is their conscience?

10. I’m not surprised

11. BLACKPINK won’t be attending the awards ceremony anyway, so why did they do it?

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Lol wbk


BLACKPINK won’t be attending the awards ceremony anyway, so why did they do it?
yeah this is what i don’t get. this is one of the irrelevant award shows anyway why even try to cheat lol

Jj dw

Except they didnt do it blinks did vote hard and were furious when their votes were taken and released a hashtag on twitter that went worldwide


more surpised at psy in here


Not surprised. I saw posts that sea fans pay call centers to stream bp so they prob did the same for voting. Everhthing about that group feels fraudulent and mid


not when ure a proud hybe stan talking about fraudulent when your stan company is being investigated for fraud and bribery lmao


YG stan talking about a company being investigated??? Not the hill to die on fren


yg stan who? that company better rot in hell. but it still didn’t change the fact that hybe pulled dirty tricks like fraud n bribery


Your fads benefit greatly and directly from YG sex rings, bribery and fraudulent transactions. The many awards those talentless hags have gotten because they paid for them? BTS label is not being investigated. That ggs group that hybe owns is and that does not reflect on BTS. But your dipshit girlies comebacks being paid be YG and his numerous frauds??? A direct connection to them flops

WhatsThe Point

Blinks are calling GMA rigged when the category was fan voted lmao😭


How is this user always knew what blinks are up to? omg closeted blinks!!

WhatsThe Point

Not hard to know when y’all are trying to deflect by having a fanwar with armys


The fans are cheaters just like their idols 😭


How in the hell is bp a cheater? what a dvmb btch

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

the people’s choice award and the vma is where they cheat.

But I wasn’t done…

“What a dumb bitch” what bp says when you hoes pay to talk to them lol


Act surprised everyone.


When i was voting for BTS, i kinda surprised to see only BTS & trot guy were known to me. I didnt know the other 3 top 5.at that time, if i remembered correctly, i think bp was in top 10 or something. And then one day, i saw them up to #3. I was kinda surprised bcs where were this energy for the Fact Music Award voting went but thought maybe they wanted to put a fight this time.nvr expected the fans put a fight with fraud votes 🤷‍♀️

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