‘2022 Genie Music Awards’ states fraudulent voting activity was suspected for BLACKPINK and Psy


2. I didn’t even know there was that vote ㅋㅋ Foreign fans did it?

3. Wow 1.6 million votes but they are fraudulent votes… Well, their fans have a lot of greed

4. Anyway, BLACKPINK’s achievements in Korea this year are being pushed back by IVE, (G)I-DLE, and NewJeans

5. I didn’t even know there was such a vote

6. BLACKPINK won’t be able to win the award this year even if they attend

7. If you look at the voting status of K-pop fans overseas, you will be confused

8. Am I the only one who isn’t surprised?

9. 1.6 million? Where is their conscience?

10. I’m not surprised

11. BLACKPINK won’t be attending the awards ceremony anyway, so why did they do it?

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