2022 Melon Music Awards with predictions so far

TOP 10 (Bonsang)

Artist of the Year Award

Album of the Year Award

Song of the Year Award

Best male solo artist

Best female solo artist

Best boy group

Best girl group

Male Rookie Award

Female Rookie Award

1. Wow IVE and NewJeans are amazing

2. IVE will get Rookie of the Year and Best Girl Group

3. Who is BE’O? What song did you sing? Why didn’t I know

4. Who is Kim Dong Hyun?

5. I’ve heard the name BE’O, but I don’t know his face and I haven’t listened to his song ㅠㅠ

6. I was surprised because this is the first time I’ve seen BTS so bad

7. Why don’t you know BE’O’s song? I listen to it a lot even when I don’t watch the shows.. I like all the songs of BE’O

8. Wow, IVE is awesome.. NewJeans is doing well too

9. What happened to BTS? Their results are lower than I thought

10. IVE will definitely get Rookie of the Year

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