2023 MAMA, MMA Daesang Prediction (~7/1)

2023 MAMA prediction (~7/1)

2023 MAMA, Song of the Year (Ditto)

2023 MAMA, Album of the Year (FML)

2023 MAMA, Artist of the Year
(Battle of Seventeen & NewJeans)

2023 MMA prediction (~7/1)

2023 MMA, Artist of the Year (NewJeans)

2023 MMA, Song of the Year (Ditto)

2023 MMA, Album of the Year (I’ve IVE)

2023 MMA TOP10

1. I want to see SEVENTEEN win Daesang

2. Bang Si Hyuk must be happy

3. This makes me jealous of Bang Si Hyuk again…

4. NewJeans is amazing

5. I support Seventeen

6. Wow, IVE is doing well too

7. I really want to see SEVENTEEN get Daesang ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. Even without BTS, HYBE still sweeps Daesangs

9. I really hope Seventeen wins Daesang this year

10. Wow, it’s the era of female idols

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