2023 MAMA, MMA Daesang Prediction (~7/1)

2023 MAMA prediction (~7/1)

2023 MAMA, Song of the Year (Ditto)

2023 MAMA, Album of the Year (FML)

2023 MAMA, Artist of the Year
(Battle of Seventeen & NewJeans)

2023 MMA prediction (~7/1)

2023 MMA, Artist of the Year (NewJeans)

2023 MMA, Song of the Year (Ditto)

2023 MMA, Album of the Year (I’ve IVE)

2023 MMA TOP10

1. I want to see SEVENTEEN win Daesang

2. Bang Si Hyuk must be happy

3. This makes me jealous of Bang Si Hyuk again…

4. NewJeans is amazing

5. I support Seventeen

6. Wow, IVE is doing well too

7. I really want to see SEVENTEEN get Daesang ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. Even without BTS, HYBE still sweeps Daesangs

9. I really hope Seventeen wins Daesang this year

10. Wow, it’s the era of female idols

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Yeah.. If newjeans didn’t get daesang = rigged


Aoty: newjeans
Aloty: svt
Soty: ditto – nj


Korean Acts with the MOST Songs hitting #1 on the US iTunes

#1 BTS — 29
#2 SUGA — 7
#3 JIMIN—6
#4 JHOPE, RM— 5
#5 #JUNGKOOK—4(+1) [NEW]
#6 BP — 3
#7 V, JIN, IU, PSY — 2



#JUNGKOOK(4) breaks his tie with BIackpink(3) to become the Korean Act with the 5th MOST #1 Hits on the US iTunes Songs Chart!!

#StillWithYou #StillWithYouByJUNGKOOK


Even without BTS, HYBE still sweeps Daesangs

Bts’ solo releases are more succesfull all the groups on this list. Only bts has no payola or ads. This is the difference with other hybe groups. Hybe working overtime to push seventeen (since bts enlisted) by getting these payola noms but their recent music not making any news😃


seventeen and nj payola needs to be investigated and studied actually lol

Grace Walker

Pledges, is Seventeen’s, management agency not Hybe. Hybe, DOES NOT MAKE ANY MANAGERIAL DECISIONS REGARDING SEVENTEEN.


lol like crazy survived because of ads.

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

the only 2023 song that survived because of ads was that one tiktok song that fell off the charts the moment is was kicked out of playlists

literally stanning the mothers of dozens and yall still have audacity to run your mouths on other artists, it’s the audacity for me


PRE-SAVE “SEVEN” BY JUNGKOOK‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️





TAKE TWO by #BTS (24 days) now becomes 2nd Longest Charting 2023 Song by a Korean BOY group on Spotify Global Chart , surpassing Super by Seventeen (23 days) 🔥


These award shows looks so bland now. I have literally stopped keeping up with any of them ever since Twice stopped attending. I miss the old time. Now it’s just look so boring I don’t even want to watch clips of it which can burn my twitter rate limit.


BTS solos, NewJeans and Twice will dominate


Twice won’t even go. And I don’t care if they dominate that or not, cause they always dominating my heart tho.


Bts is really being replaced by NJ like hybe said


yes, by doing payola plalisting and mediaplay. Hybe still make most money from BTS, about 65% expected from BTS this year while e35% from all the other artists combined.
it’s all in their quarterly report which is streamed live


I predicted MAMA easily and I got downvoted cuz I said ArOTY and AOTY would go to Seventeen while SOTY would go to NewJeans, but it’s so damn predictable.

I was surprised IVE was gonna get something other than top ten scores, but I get it. I think it may depend on voting however in some of these cases, but New Jeans should be set in stone basically. This upcoming comeback is simply gonna seal the deal.


feeling sad for other BTS member even after having best album ARMY supported a shiity autotuned album

blinks need to shut the fuck up actually

feeling sad for jennie.. even after acting in a porn series she barely managed to get into the top #110 songs on spotify global just to end up falling out the very next day simply because blinks were focusing on jisoo’s song… that also fell out 2 days later 🙁


We know dozen pink not gonna be nominated… again

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