25 photos of BTS Jimin from ‘Vogue’ April issue just released

BTS Jimin ‘Vogue’ April issue just released

1. He’s so elegant, pretty and cool

2. Park Jimin who drives everyone crazy

3. Seriously good, face, body, outfit, expressions are all good

4. Park Jimin is so charming!!!!

5. Maybe it’s because he dances well, he uses his body and facial expressions so well

6. Why is he so pretty, cute and sexy?

7. Wow, because he uses his body well, these photos are amazing

8. So handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ His aura is crazy

9. Wow, Park Jimin’s face is crazy

10. He looks so young.. Park Jimin is crazy

11. Wow.. His face looks a bit like Jin from the same group

12. It’s better than I expected

13. Why is he so handsome??? He really drives me crazy

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