4 female Chanel ambassadors of Korea with different charms

Kim Go Eun

Chanel global ambassador

NewJeans Minji

Chanel Korea ambassador

Lee Sung Kyung

Chanel Beauty ambassador


Chanel global amdassador

1. Jennie’s photos are so pretty

2. Kim Go Eun is seriously so pretty

3. Minji is the future of Chanel, Minji’s face is like a famous painting

4. Jennie is trendy Chanel and Minji is classic Chanel

5. Jennie’s photos are pretty, I think Kim Go Eun’s feelings are the best, so it’s unique

6. Minji seems to have a classic beauty, that’s her charm ㅜㅜ So pretty

7. Looking at Jennie’s last picture, I can understand why she’s Human Chanel

8. Honestly, when I think of Chanel, I only think of Jennie

9. They are all pretty, Minji and Kim Go Eun have classic and elegant vibes, while Jennie and Lee Sung Kyung have chic vibes

10. Minji’s visuals are amazing, her lips are a real treasure

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